How To Improve Your OEE Monitoring and Plant Data with Automation

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Improving OEE data with OEE monitoring software

Research shows that 68% of manufacturers don’t trust their data enough to get tangible, measurable value from it — and 92% of data sets that were analyzed had bad data which negatively impacted the accuracy of insights (Accenture). The result? Unreliable data, low OEE metrics, high labor costs, increased downtime, and unmotivated employees.

With a clear picture of accurate, reliable OEE data, your production teams are enabled to set realistic targets that increase team engagement and productivity, by establishing a stronger connection between operators and engineers. The team then has a vision of where they are and where they want to be.

In 20 minutes, Anthony Scheeren, Raven Solutions Engineer, and Maziar Hadian, Raven Customer Value Lead, will walk you through how you can improve your overall equipment effectiveness with optimized machine data — using a comprehensive approach to accessing and monitoring machine performance.

In this webinar, learn how to:

  • Account for every second of machine time using downtime identifiers
  • Develop and measure your continuous improvement initiatives across the plant with OEE monitoring software
  • Unify all levels of your organization to increase collaboration across teams while elevating engagement and focus

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Raven All-Stars

Anthony Scheeren

Solutions Engineer

Anthony Scheeren Headshot

Anthony is a highly motivated Solutions Engineer who has a passion for early stage projects that bridge the gap between technology and people. He aimed to join a talented  technology company that was committed to a people-first approach.

A graduate of Electrical Engineering at Queen’s University, Anthony has worked as an Engineer in the IIoT, smart city, and equipment manufacturing sectors. Anthony has engaged with every layer of manufacturing organizations (operators, plant managers, and VPs) to better understand their pain points. Using Raven data, he has helped Raven clients achieve success with valuable solutions.

Maziar Hadian

Customer Value Lead

Raven.ai | The Continuous Improvement Platform for Industry 4.0

Maziar is an experienced Process Improvement Engineer who is passionate about designing optimized processes and production lines using lean/six sigma philosophy. He prioritizes meaningful relationships among team members to foster a positively motivated culture with the right blend of technology.

A Mechanical Engineer for over 15 years, Maziar has successfully implemented, facilitated, and mentored many projects related to, visual management, Kaizen events, Andon, SMED, Kanban, Poka Yoke, DOE, and A3. As a Customer Value Lead who believes that learning is never ending, he strives to help Raven clients continuously improve and make their journey meaningful.

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