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Your bird’s-eye view into shop floor processes with OEE software

Get the real-time visibility and context you need to make fact-driven improvements and produce more.

How Raven works

Raven is the only solution that combines human and machine data to provide a clear timeline of production events — with context 100% of the time.

  • Collect data
    Connect to your machines, systems and sensors to pull simple data and create a timeline of production events
  • Capture context
    Add better context and fill in production and loss timeline gaps, with Automated Downtime Labeling and frontline insights
  • Understand performance
    View complete, contextualized data to identify root causes of losses and top improvement opportunities
  • Drive action
    Share real-time data analysis, reports and findings across teams for increased engagement that drives sustainable change at all levels

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Your complete continuous improvement and OEE monitoring software solution

Smart Assistants

Give your frontline a voice by capturing their critical insights using intuitive HMIs. Empower them to win each shift with gamification, real-time performance insights and guidance.

Automated Contextualization

Pull data from your existing machines and systems to automatically record downtime reasons, and capture frontline context to account for 100% of production time.

Reporting Platform

Gain an accurate, bird’s eye view of what’s happening now and in the past so you can resolve real-time and systemic issues — fueling your factory’s continuous improvement.

Smart Assistants

Engage frontline teams with OEE software

Designed to give your eyes and ears on the floor total visibility and control.

Eliminate manual production and downtime reporting using OEE tracking software that automates it all for you. That way, your team can spend more time on value-added tasks.

With a real-time glance into their productivity on digital displays and end-of-line dashboards, your frontline knows right away when they’re winning or losing – igniting motivation to hit targets.

Monitor the live status of machines and view real-time target performance by shift using OEE monitoring software. With insights front and center on the line, in standups and 1:1 chats, operator and supervisors can drive immediate improvements.

Configurable text and email alerts notify supervisors about shop floor issues in seconds. Facilitating faster response time with maintenance means resolving bottlenecks faster.
0% Performance

Shop floor data at your fingertips

Learn how Renaissance prioritized continuous improvement plant-wide and achieved record-setting performance through operator engagement and automated production reporting.

Reporting Platform

Stay in-the-know on how your plant is performing

Designed to give you the insights and guidance your teams need to win.

0% Visibility

See how your plant is actually performing versus planned. With Raven’s real-time reporting platform, spend less time crunching numbers and more time on improving production processes.

Every minute a machine isn’t running means a lost opportunity. Built for fast-moving manufacturing, get end of shift, 24h, weekly and monthly reports. Review trends over time to identify top losses and improvement opportunities as often as needed.

Understand availability and throughput, while pinpointing losses. With visibility into metrics that matter, it’s easier to identify bottlenecks and determine a plan of action to correct problems now, rather than later.

Accessible from any browser on desktop or mobile, visual dashboards and reports give you real-time performance stats on your production lines, even when you’re not in the factory.

Product Modules

Add-ons to level up your continuous improvement program

Even more ways to dig into your shop floor data and processes using Raven’s OEE monitoring software.

Ahead or Behind

Easily monitor if you’re on track to hitting batch production targets every hour and shift and gain real-time visibility into shift performance.

Changeover (SMED)

Track and monitor changeover efficiency in relation to your targets to identify the root cause of losses.

Interconnected Processes

Gain complete, real-time visibility into all assets in your interconnected lines to make productivity improvements, reduce waste and protect your investments.

Forecasted Lot Completion

Predict the end of scheduled process time to ensure the start of your next batch.

Speedy Installation

Upgrade your factory with bolt-on OEE software

Supercharge your Industry 4.0 tech stack with the only solution that contextualizes all shop floor and production data. Raven integrates with existing machines and systems for data harmonization across all your smart factory devices and apps. So you can start identifying areas for improvement as soon as data starts flowing, for rapid time-to-value.

Unlock productivity improvements

Empower your frontline, speed up processes and make quick improvements — all in one place.

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Includes everything you need to get started with real-time visibility and better context.


Starting price per asset/month

*Discounts of up to 50% available based on number of assets and contract length.

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For teams beginning their digital transformation journey.

Gain real-time visibility into performance and collect complete, contextualized data to drive improvements.


Everything in Core, plus enhanced reporting insights and ability to drive real-time action on shop floor issues.


Starting price per asset/month

*Discounts of up to 50% available based on number of assets and contract length.

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For teams who want to level up their continuous improvement programs.

Boost shop floor engagement with gamification and real-time alerts that guide frontline actions and resolution.


Everything in Action, plus integrations and Automated Downtime Labeling – our most advanced automation technology.


Starting price per asset/month

*Discounts of up to 50% available based on number of assets and contract length.

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For teams looking to supercharge their Industry 4.0 tech stack.

Maximize shop floor connectivity and data contextualization with integrations and Automated Downtime Labeling.

Transform your shop floor operations with Raven

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Switch from manual to digital processes, with the only solution that contextualizes all shop floor and production data.

Product Guide

Achieve operational excellence with Raven as your competitive advantage. Take a peek at top features and benefits.

Resource Hub

Level up your continuous improvement in your factory with expert tips and tools to help your manufacturing team soar.