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Gamification in Manufacturing

Gamification in Manufacturing

Employers — especially managers – know firsthand that engagement plays a large role in productivity in the workplace. A recent…

Carol Mitchell-Lin

How to Maximize Results on the Shop Floor with Packaging Manufacturing Software

In the past couple of decades, the global packaging industry has seen strong growth, supported by megatrends including: sustainability and…

Lamia Ghoneim

Lamia Ghoneim Named Top 10 Under 40 by Manufacturing Automation

Our team is excited to share that Lamia Ghoneim, Director of Customer Success at Raven, is named Top 10 under…

Marisha Sesto

How a 100 Year Old Factory Modernized Manufacturing Using People and Tech

For the past couple of years and climbing since The Great Lockdown, nearly 70 percent of all digital transformation programs in…

Marisha Sesto

The Importance of Digitization for Medical Device Manufacturers

Medical technology today and the impact on medical device companies The power of surgical robots and the use of artificial…

Sonia Teodori Raises $12 Million USD and Completes Series A Financing

OTTAWA, Canada (January 26, 2023) – Raven, a leading provider of data contextualization software for frontline operations, announced today the successful…

Lindsay Oliver

Ask the Experts Series: Unleashing Your Frontline’s Strengths Through Empowerment and Engagement

An engagement study listed the following as recommendations for manufacturing employee retention and frontline empowerment: Increase frontline involvement to empower workers, Give…

Carol Mitchell-Lin

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