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Lamia Ghoneim Named Top 10 Under 40 by Manufacturing Automation

Press Release July 17, 2023

Our team is excited to share that Lamia Ghoneim, Director of Customer Success at Raven, is named Top 10 under 40 by Manufacturing Automation.

Meet Lamia, Director of Customer Success at Raven

With 8+ years of experience in process engineering, operations management and operational excellence, it’s no surprise that work colleagues and clients admire Lamia for her self-awareness, ability to garner credibility, bias for action and drive for building strong relationships with her customers.

After Lamia received her MEng, Chemical Engineering, she kickstarted her career in manufacturing – starting off as a Project Engineer and quickly accelerating into a Process Development Manager at Procter & Gamble. Lamia has always said that her passion for STEM and competitive nature led her to break stereotypes and show that girls can become successful engineers.

“My plans for the industry have no boundaries. Being part of a growing company that works on cutting-edge technologies has really opened my eyes towards the possibilities for the future of manufacturing. I will continue to leverage emerging tech, like AI, to optimize processes and improve product quality, while also contributing to the development of sustainable and efficient manufacturing practices. Additionally, I plan to share my expertise with others through mentoring and knowledge sharing, as well as collaborating with industry leaders to drive innovation and growth.”

— Lamia Ghoneim, Director of Customer Success at Raven

Driving the development and implementation of technology for interconnected processes on the shop floor

Now, as Raven’s Director of Customer Success, Lamia is a key contributor in the development of Raven’s latest product, providing real-time visibility and data contextualization for interconnected processes and is focused on driving rapid time-to-value for her customers. By leveraging technology and Lamia’s technical expertise, a Fortune 100 food and beverage company reduced downtime by 90%. This is just one example of many. 

With years spent on all kinds of factory floors, Lamia and her team are additional expert resources and trusted advisors for manufacturers of all sizes. With Lamia leading Raven’s Customer Success offering, the customer base has grown 30% in a short period of time. The most rewarding aspect of her job she says is leveraging science and technology to solve complex problems and improve peoples’ lives – and it shows every day as Lamia uses her strong leadership and people skills to drive the right change across plants.

“Having Lamia on site provided key insights and streamlined the Raven setup that would have taken much longer without her support. Raven should be very confident in how your organization has been represented and championed by her presence. Raven has obviously been extremely thoughtful and strategic in the talent acquisition.”

— Robert Z., Operational Excellence Manager, Raven customer

About Top 10 Under 40 by Manufacturing Automation

The second annual Top 10 Under 40 presented by Manufacturing Automation highlights the next generation of leaders who have demonstrated exemplary work ethic. They’re leading the charge in their workspaces and inspiring their peers with their commitment to innovation.

This year, the winners share what they enjoy the most about working in the automation space, what plans they have for their future and suggestions on getting more people into the industry.

Read the full version of Lamia’s Top 10 Under 40, along with the other winner profiles, here.

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