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Medical manufacturing technology for continuous improvement

Resolve daily operational challenges with a fully-digitized and automated approach to tracking downtime and changeover inefficiencies.

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Your digital solution and OEE monitoring platform

Raven’s solution provides visibility into production and OEE data for operational excellence in the life sciences industry, helping manufacturers maintain a competitive edge in today’s economy.

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Ditch pen, paper and whiteboards for user-friendly Smart Assistants that empower operators to tag downtime with the touch of a button and supervisors to view real-time dashboards from anywhere.

Raven connects to your existing machines to automatically pull data and create a timeline of production events, reducing how frequently operators need to tag downtime.

Empower operators and supervisors to participate in continuous improvement by giving them real-time visibility into metrics they can influence like shift part counts, targets and more.

Account for 100% of production time by combining machine and human data and understand the root cause of production bottlenecks, downtime and changeover inefficiencies.


Tap into frontline insights for better context and engagement

Engage your operators and supervisors to share important downtime context that can’t be captured from machines. Capturing this context is the key to unlocking a complete, accurate account of production events, to know what actions need to be taken to eliminate losses.

Raven’s Operator Smart Assistants are designed for the way the frontline works. Conveniently placed on your lines, operators can tag downtime with the touch a button.

Capturing context shouldn’t distract operators from their daily work. Raven only prompts operators to tag downtime when machines don’t have the answers.

By asking frontline teams to share their insights, they’ll know they’re valued and empowered to drive change on the shop floor.

Gamify shift targets, reward top performing teams and recognize frontline wins to boost engagement and crush productivity targets.
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Product Modules

Built for life sciences

Raven’s medical manufacturing software enables your entire shop floor and tech stack to perform stronger by providing more meaningful, actionable data insights to your frontline and factory management teams — so you can stay focused on producing high-quality products that meet compliance standards.

Ahead or Behind

Easily monitor if you’re on track to hitting production targets and gain real-time visibility into shift performance.

Forecasted Lot Completion

Predict the end of scheduled process time to ensure the start of your next batch.

Changeover (SMED)

Break down and monitor changeover and wait time processes in relation to your targets to identify the root cause of losses.

Interconnected Processes

Gain complete, real-time visibility into all assets in your interconnected lines and processes.

Record-Setting Performance

To build a sustainable continuous improvement strategy, Renaissance was looking for a digital OEE improvement solution that accelerated continuous improvement in their factory through operator engagement and frontline discussions.

Success Story

How STERIS Streamlined Changeovers and Reduced Downtime by 70%

STERIS needed a digital OEE improvement solution to do a deep analysis into existing production processes, take control of their performance and maintain high quality standards.

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