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Downtime tracking software for frontline engagement and gamification

Improve changeover efficiency, increase production speed and guide frontline action — all in one place.

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Frontline-Friendly Features

Downtime tracking software powered by machine data and human context

Capturing operator context is critical to understanding what’s really happening on the shop floor. With an intuitive HMI on their lines, operators are engaged to provide meaningful context. With or without greasy gloves, context is captured quickly and operator burden is reduced by 10x.

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0% Uptime

With downtime logs on paper, in spreadsheets or scribbled across a whiteboard, there’s no ‘sense check’ for missing details and risk for human error. Eliminate that manual work with Raven.

Raven connects to your existing machines, sensors and systems to pull data into your production event timeline, provide context on machine states and label downtime reasons.

With a simple tap, your operators can record the exact reason for downtimes using Smart Assistant placed on your lines and work stations. And only when machines don’t have the answers.

Through automated processes, there’s no more unreported time periods, partial data entries or false causes of downtime. The frontline can spend less time on reports and more time on results.

Customer Wins

ECCO Manufacturing uncovered hidden capacity to produce more

Learn how ECCO drastically reduced operator burden and achieved strong engagement with a 95%+ downtime tagging rate in just 3 months.

Management Features

Empower supervisors and shift leads to guide improvements

Do you know when your machines are running and when they’re not? If they’re running, are they performing the way they should? Without a digital downtime tracker solution, it’s not an easy question to answer.

0% OEE

Accessible on desktop or mobile, Raven gives you real-time performance stats. With complete visibility of your shop floor, identify bottlenecks and guide effective action right away.

Choose from end of shift, 24h, weekly, monthly and Pareto reports to review trends over time and identify top improvement opportunities as often as needed.

By using configurable real-time alerts, via text or email, facilitating a response from the maintenance team in a matter of seconds means resolving bottlenecks in minutes.

Fuel friendly competition using gamification

Companies with highly engaged workers tend to outperform those without by 202% (Gallup). With a real-time glance into their productivity on digital displays and end-of-line dashboards, your frontline knows when they’re winning or losing – igniting motivation to hit targets.

Put your people first, celebrate more wins

Learn how Raven can help you get 100% visibility into shop floor operations and make sustainable improvements.