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Boost operational efficiency with Raven’s discrete manufacturing software

Uncover hidden losses and improve asset performance with real-time visibility into your discrete manufacturing processes.

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Optimize your lean operations with Raven’s discrete manufacturing solution. The only software that combines machine data with context from your frontline to provide a clear overview of discrete manufacturing production and losses — with context for everything that’s happening on your lines, 100% of the time.

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Raven easily integrates with the discrete manufacturing software, systems and processes you use today — allowing for quick implementation and your fastest time-to-value. In just a few days, you can start identifying systemic and real-time inefficiencies across your lines to drive sustainable improvements across your discrete manufacturing plants.

Raven’s discrete manufacturing software replaces manual production data tracking with user-friendly Smart Assistants and creates an event timeline that includes contextualized time segments, allowing you to visualize how machines and people spend their time — down to the second.

Raven connects to your existing machines and systems to pull data into your production timeline and automatically provide context on machine states. This keeps frontline teams focused on hitting targets and maximizing throughput.

Account for 100% of production time and gain a bird’s eye view into people and machine productivity. Enable confident, data-led continuous improvements with accurate, contextualized insights that guide what actions need to be taken.

Frontline-first design

Meet growing client demands with your awesome frontline team

Reduce WIP and produce more through team engagement on the shop floor. Raven helps you empower your operators and supervisors to share important downtime context that can’t be captured from machines – unlocking the root causes of production bottlenecks and driving effective action.

Raven’s Smart Assistants are conveniently placed at operator workstations to monitor every step of your discrete production process. An intuitive user interface means they can record downtime reasons with a simple tap.

Raven empowers the frontline to perform their best by only prompting operators to tag downtime reasons when machines can’t provide the right context – reducing operator burden by 10x.

Collecting downtime insights from your frontline, and giving them real-time visibility into metrics they can influence brings purpose to their day-to-day, empowers them to drive change on the shop floor and accelerates operational efficiency plant-wide.

Use gamification to create friendly competition between shifts and celebrate frontline achievements. Recognition and reward motivates employees – improving productivity and your bottom line.
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Product Modules

Unlock productivity improvements in seconds, with contextualized shop floor data

Raven’s discrete manufacturing software enables your entire shop floor and tech stack to perform stronger by providing more meaningful, actionable data insights to your frontline and factory management teams — for increased performance parts produced and wins.

Ahead or Behind

Easily monitor if you’re on track to hitting targets for each step of your discrete production process and gain real-time visibility into shift performance.

Forecasted Lot Completion

Predict the end of scheduled process time for each of your discrete production lines to ensure the start of your next batch.

Changeover (SMED)

Break down and monitor changeover and wait time processes in relation to your targets to identify the root cause of losses.

Interconnected Processes

Gain complete, real-time visibility into all assets of your interconnected lines and processes and visualize how machines and people spend their time.

Forging Success with Raven

Learn how Portland Forge increased production time by 12% and throughput by 9% with fully-digitized downtime and production loss reporting.

Transform your shop floor operations with Raven

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