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90% downtime reduction

30% increase in asset availability

24x return on investment

$37M revenue increase

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“Eliminated the need for overtime.”

Within 6 months of using Raven, we could eliminate production required on Saturdays. 50-hour work weeks became 40-hour work weeks. Our frontline embraced this and overtime became voluntary for those who wanted to earn more. Raven helped us reduce the time required to meet targets and in turn, made improvements to our operational standards.

Bob Zeeb, VP Operations, Portland Forge

“No more mysteries.”

Raven’s OEE software provides visibility we’d otherwise be guessing at. We have insight on OEE that were previously mysteries and we can easily find out if any of our lines are running at the tap of a phone.

Justin Brennan, Director of Operational Excellence, Renaissance

“From 78% up to 98% uptime in less than a month.”

Raven’s production OEE software helped us increase productivity and reaction time to issues encountered during production. We were able to increase equipment uptime from an average of 78% up to 98% in less than a month, based on the complete data acquired by Raven. The elimination of manual data entry is crucial to make improvements on any kinds of factory equipment.

Jose Ferreira, Manufacturing Engineer, Medical Devices Manufacturer

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