Our Story

Continuous improvement starts with passion, dedication, and great ideas.

In 2013, we founded Raven to help manufacturers analyze and act on their data. Our “a-ha” moment came when we realized that pretty reports and dashboards provide little value if the data is not continually studied to uncover new bottlenecks and gaps in operations. What manufacturers need are insights and guidance, not just more reports.

Braden Stenning and Martin Cloake, Founders of Raven Telemetry in the Raven Office


Raven’s technology is rooted in a deep understanding of what it takes to drive improvement in manufacturing.


Raven.ai is excited to lead the way for AI in practical manufacturing by securing $6.1M Angel investment.


In 2021, Raven is helping global companies, Danaher, Michelin, Amazon and others to increase productivity with continuous improvement.

Executive and Senior Leadership Team

Martin Cloake, CEO of Raven.ai

Martin Cloake

Chief Executive Officer

Rob Lander, Board Chair and CSO of Raven.ai

Rob Lander

Chief Strategy Officer

Braden Stenning, CTO and Co-founder of Raven.ai

Braden Stenning, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Max Blouine, President and General Manager of Raven.ai

Max Blouin

Executive Vice President & Chief Revenue Officer

Dr. Paul Turner, COO of Raven.ai

Dr. Paul Turner

President & Chief Operating Officer

Brenda Munyukwi, Director of Operations at Raven.ai

Brenda Munyukwi

VP of Operations

Raven.ai | The Continuous Improvement Platform for Industry 4.0

Catalina Nunez

Director of Engineering

Lindsay Oliver of Raven

Lindsay Oliver

VP of Marketing

Julie Guindon of Raven

Julie Guindon

Director of HR

Raven.ai | The Continuous Improvement Platform for Industry 4.0

Daniel McPherrin

Director of Technical Solutions

Ajay Krishnan of Raven

Ajay Krishnan

VP of Special Projects

Brian Doyle of Raven

Brian Doyle


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