We understand the pain of data analysis in manufacturing first-hand having worked in plant leadership for some of the world’s top manufacturers.

It’s been our mission to make manufacturing better by using artificial intelligence.

Our Story

In 2013, we founded Raven to help manufacturers leverage all of their data. We started our careers on the shop floor and now we are solving a problem that we have experienced first-hand. Our first product was very similar to performance management software available today with performance dashboards and stock reports. Our “a-ha” moment came when we realized that the novelties of pretty reports and dashboards wear off and the realization that un-interpreted data provides little value. What manufacturers need is guidance, not reports. This realization has guided Raven ever since.

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The team at Raven was built with the knowledge that to help manufacturers you need to have a deep understanding manufacturing. On the Raven team, we have former plant management from P&G and GE, and management consultants from McKinsey. We have spent thousands of hours leading teams on the shop floor of some of the world’s top manufacturers. This group is complemented by PhD data scientists and software developers from IBM, Google and many more. We all have a singular mission to transform manufacturing for the better by bringing artificial intelligence to the shop floor.

Want to Join Us?

If you want to help change how the world manufactures, we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out to our awesome recruiting team at careers@raventelemetry.com.

Top 10 Reasons to Work at Raven

1. Make a difference – Your work will have an impact from day 1.
2. Work/Life balance – Flexible hours, get stuff done and still have a full life.
3. Work hard / Play hard – Get the job done all while sharing laughs with co-workers.
4. Wear many hats – As part of a growing company, you’ll contribute to many different areas.
5. Cutting edge technologies – IIoT, AI, mobile apps, UX, microservices, this is the space we operate in.
6. Free snacks & Friday lunches – Sit down with the entire company for a catered lunch every Friday and enjoy endless snacks.
7. Tight knit team – We work hard and then enjoy drinks at the office on Friday.
8. Every opinion is valued – Even students are encouraged to challenge the CEO .
9. Emerging startup – Be a key player in a constantly growing company. Grow your career along with the company!
10. Make manufacturing better – From medical equipment to sustainable tea; help the world be more productive.

Our Executive Team

Our high-performing team of data scientists and manufacturing experts serve our clients in a distinct way. Our team has a broad background in plant management , management consulting , and state-of-the-art cloud-based analytics.

Martin Cloake

Martin Cloake


Martin builds problem-solving technologies from the ground up. After working in every role of manufacturing, Martin knew companies weren’t optimizing their processes and productivity. In 2013, he founded Raven to help manufacturers improve their performance with data science. Martin brings his relentless resourcefulness and extensive experience as an engineer, executive, and serial entrepreneur to his role as CEO of Raven. He sets the company’s strategy and leads Raven’s high-calibre team. Martin holds a degree in mechanical engineering and business from McGill University.

Rob Lander

Rob Lander


Whether on the shop floor or in executive board rooms, Rob brings 30 years of extensive hands-on experience in data driven manufacturing. As Raven’s Chief Strategy Officer, he pairs his passion of using artificial intelligence and progressive manufacturing management techniques with a commitment to superior operational performance. Most recently, Rob was the president and CEO of Stackpole, a global tier-one automotive parts manufacturer. Among many other roles, he was also the plant manager and group vice-president at Meridian Technologies. Rob has a BASc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, graduating with first class honours and dean’s honour role.




Andrew excels at transforming Fortune 500 companies into winning organizations. As a former McKinsey consultant, Andrew has experience in leadership development, operations management, and capability building. Prior to McKinsey, he worked as an operations manager for Procter & Gamble, delivering more than $500M in annual revenues. Andrew is passionate about building sustainable management infrastructure systems to deliver world-class results. Andrew has a mechanical engineering degree from Queen’s University.




Braden sees the potential of humans and machines working together. As Raven’s resident data science authority, Braden is responsible for setting the company’s technological vision. He is an expert in developing algorithms using rich, real-time sensor data, and the application of data science techniques, including machine learning. Before helping build Raven’s algorithms, Braden developed robotics to allow geological research on other planets. Braden holds a degree in aerospace engineering from Carleton University and a PhD from University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies.

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