Culture Check

Hey, we’re Raven.
An Industry 4.0 tech company.

We’re an Industry 4.0 technology platform and partner for continuous improvement across frontline operations on the shop floor and beyond.

Our story

  • 2013
    Raven was born, kicking off product development with a deep understanding of what it takes to drive continuous improvements on the shop floor.
  • 2018
    Raven secures $6.1M in an angel investment, laying our foundation and proving Raven’s Industry 4.0 product-market fit across industries.
  • 2021
    Raven helps global leaders including Danaher, Michelin, McCain and other innovative teams increase productivity with our digital OEE solution.
  • 2023
    Raven raises $12M and completes Series A financing, accelerating opportunities to grow Raven and create more demand in the manufacturing space.

Our mission

Set a new standard of work for the smart factory and its people, as the one source of truth that powers Industry 4.0 tech stacks throughout factories.

Our vision

To be the benchmark for Contextual Time, enabling operational excellence and improving the day-to-day work of millions of people.

Our promise

To transform shop floor operations for increased productivity and a happy frontline. As your Industry 4.0 technology solution, we’ve got your team top of mind.

Your Extra Teammate

Working with manufacturers in the most human, helpful way

Built by manufacturers for manufacturers, we’ve created an Industry 4.0 technology platform and company to help frontline and operations workers focus on what matters most to them. Our tight-knit flock of operations leaders, lean practitioners, data scientists and more work together with your teams to provide a digital solution that fits your shop floor needs.

Backed by the best

Like the Raven team, our investors believe in setting a new standard of work for the smart factory and its people through frontline insights and complete data, so they help empower us to do the work we’re excited about.
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Making headlines for leading Industry 4.0 technology

We love sharing our story and the results that cutting-edge manufacturers around the globe get with Raven. Read up on our newsworthy updates at Raven, and for partnership opportunities, PR requests and anything else — just reach out.