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We build really powerful OEE and continuous improvement software for manufacturers.

Raven is an innovative, people-first tech company in a fast-moving space. Join our flock.

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This is how we fly

Our culture isn’t something we keep to ourselves. Our culture is built into every feature of Raven. Because the keys to our success are yours too.

Continuous Improvement

We empower each other to give and accept input in small steps to hit objectives, which are set based on results and evolve with achievement.


We work in collaboration as one team to achieve more by supporting and growing with each other, sharing responsibilities, and open communication.

Open Communication

We communicate clearly and empathetically with our teams and partners to foster a trusting, kind and cooperative work environment. We give and receive feedback honestly and always look for ways to be better.


We practice and encourage healthy habits as individuals, as families and as a team to maintain energy and enthusiasm while working towards our goals.


We prioritize and act on the long-term health of the planet, the people, and our business.


We recognize trust is a critical component to building and maintaining lasting relationships, which is fostered through a culture of integrity, reliability, transparency and accountability.

Respect for Others

We appreciate and adapt to other’s personalities and skill sets, uniqueness, learning styles and approach to problem solving, while always assuming positive intentions and providing the latitude to learn and grow in one’s own time.


More reasons to love working here

We think Raven employees are some of the best in the industry, so we make sure we’re supporting them at every stage of their career. That means setting our teams up to work smarter, happier and healthier with flexible ways of working and a connected, continuous improvement culture.

Competitive compensation

Earn a competitive base salary, quarterly bonuses and equity package that keep you motivated in the work and Raven mission we strive for.

Health benefits

Live your best life with a benefits package that includes medical, dental and vision, mental health resources and more.

Professional development

Drive your career advancement with continuous learning such as: leadership training, conferences, courses and then some.

Wellness program

Practice much-deserved self care with flexible work hours, vacation and Raven Days. We take wellness and well-being seriously here.

Home setup

Make great things happen. Choose Mac or Windows, then set up your office for maximum functionality, productivity and comfort with a WFH stipend.

Good food

We love food. Who doesn’t? From Uber Eats to your local coffee shop, you pick and we provide the stipend for your lunch every other Friday.

0% Amazing Team

Life at Raven

“Instrumental in my personal growth.”

I appreciate all the opportunities Raven has given me to take on challenges, see the results and learn about operations. Raven has been instrumental in my personal growth, providing me valuable learning experiences.

Hannah MacDonald, Product Manager

“Commitment from all levels.”

The aspect of working at Raven I appreciate the most is the commitment from all levels of the organization to be a healthy and sustainable workplace.

Jordan Aubin, Engineering Manager

“Sharp, down to earth and friendly.”

My colleagues at Raven are sharp, but also down to earth and friendly. This is the ideal environment where I want to grow in my career. Raven’s just a really good group of people who work hard.

Duncan Plaunt, Sales Development Representative

“A creative, productive space with room to breathe.”

Raven’s culture is one of the many things that is special about working here. Since day one, I’ve felt supported from all areas of the company. With wellness and work-life balance being one of our values, I wake up with a fresh mindset and work in a creative, productive space with room to breathe.

Marisha Sesto, Senior Demand Generation Manager

“A diverse team with people from different countries and industry backgrounds.”

I’m always impressed with the drive and innovation shown by the Raven team, to help each other learn and grow. We have such a diverse team with people from different countries and industry backgrounds. I go to work every day looking forward to what the day will bring.

Conor McDonald, Customer Value Lead

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