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The STERIS and Raven teams worked together to build out a sustainable program that improved changeover efficiencies.  

Portland Forge

Portland Forge partnered with Raven to gain complete, real-time visibility into performance, increase production time and reduce wait times.  


Yamamotoyama worked closely with Raven to develop improved downtime categories and capture more complete, actionable data.

Bottling and Packaging Manufacturer

This Fortune 100 company chose Raven's digital solution to account for 100% of production time on their interconnected lines.


DuraVent transitioned from manual pen-and-paper processes to Raven's fully-digitized solution, empowering operators to take ownership of improvement on their lines.

Stanley Black & Decker

Stanley Black & Decker chose Raven to make it easy for operators to tag downtime and view production target progress.

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