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Our End of Year Roundup: The Top 9 Smart Manufacturing Content of 2022

Smart Manufacturing December 21, 2022

This has been an exciting year for Raven. After many virtual events due to pandemic lockdowns, this year saw the return to live, in-person gatherings. We took the opportunity to build a stronger Raven organization within and with our fantastic manufacturing partners and clients. We added team members to our Raven flock at all levels including: Engineering, HR, Sales and Marketing.

2022 was a difficult one for the manufacturing industry, with manufacturers persevering through challenges in supply chain, workforce shortages and a looming recession. Raven has helped teams empower their frontline to drive transformative and sustainable productivity improvements across the shop floor. We’re looking forward to another year filled with growth and optimism. Let’s take a look at the year’s top smart manufacturing content, filled with best practices and insights to ring in the new year:

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The 7 Ways to Reduce Downtime in Your Manufacturing Plant

Downtime costs manufacturers tens of billions every year. We looked at how using OEE improvement technology can be used to reduce losses with real-time visibility of shop floor performance. In this blog, learn how to get your downtime under control with 7 different ways to improve production processes. Read the blog.

Maxime Blouin Named Top 10 Under 40 by Manufacturing Automation

Our team was thrilled to announce that Max Blouin, Raven’s President and Chief Revenue Officer, was named Top 10 Under 40 by Manufacturing Automation. Max was chosen among industry professionals across Canada who are highly regarded by their colleagues and clients, and show strong initiative and commitment to innovation. Learn more.

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The Future of Manufacturing is Female

We’re proud to have 50% of our management team and 45% of our engineering team female! Our International Women’s Day blog introduces you to some of the incredible women at Raven who are working to take innovation and technology in manufacturing to the next level. Raven is invested in building a company where diversity, inclusion and gender equality are celebrated and valued, and look forward to celebrating this in 2023 and beyond. Read the blog.

A Trip to Ohio with Raven CEO Martin Cloake and Lester Buildings

Lester Building Systems Owner & VP Manufacturing, Tyler Bennett, and Raven CEO, Martin Cloake, were front and center at Industry Week’s Manufacturing Tech Show in Cleveland, Ohio this fall. In the fireside chat, Martin and Tyler shared best practices on moving from manual to digital processes on the shop floor and the journey of executing continuous improvement initiatives plant-wide. Read the Lester Buildings case study.

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How to Successfully Scale Your IIoT Initiatives with AI

On IIoT World Manufacturing Day, our very own COO, Dr. Paul Turner, joined the expert panel “How to Successfully Scale Your Industrial IoT Initiatives Leveraging AI“. Paul discussed the ‘partnership ecosystem’ model for approaching Industry 4.0 by creating a win-win situation to earn operator trust. This can be accomplished by using both human input and machine data to automatically contextualize downtime and losses. Watch now.

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How Gamification in Manufacturing Improves Operational Performance

Successful manufacturers have found savvy ways to engage their frontline workers in their day-to-day work. Adding gamification elements to the shop floor helps teams stay motivated by creating friendly competition around hitting production targets. Read the blog.

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How Manufacturers Can Win in the Looming Recession

The looming recession was on the minds of many economists and manufacturers in 2022. Raven COO, Dr. Paul Turner shared his thoughts on how manufacturers can win during a recession by gaining 100% visibility into operations in order to identify hidden losses that, in better times, are often overlooked. Read the Smart Industry article.

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A Day in the Life with Director of Engineering Catalina Nunez

Catalina Nunez, Director of Engineering at Raven joined the Industry 4.0  Club on their ‘A Day in the Life’ series for a conversation on her day-to-day work in manufacturing tech. Catalina talked through how she maximizes business results and collaborates cross-functionally, while building an engineering and software development team that consists of 45% female team members. Watch now.

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How Renaissance Built a Frontline-First Approach to Continuous Improvement

Martin Cloake, CEO at Raven sat down with Justin Brennan, Director of Operational Excellence at Renaissance Lakewood to share how Renaissance used a frontline-first approach to build their continuous improvement strategy and how adopting a digital solution transformed their frontline’s mindset. Watch the webinar.

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