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How to Accelerate Digital Transformation: Practical Problem Solving for Manufacturers

Webinars November 25, 2021
Leading manufacturers are accelerating their digital transformation efforts to improve performance, stay competitive and make their mark in the smart manufacturing ecosystem.  Today, those who are capturing machine and sensor data gain some understanding of their plant’s efficiency. But there’s so much more useful,  meaningful information to look at using this data. To tap into the details, context is key. The transformative, smart manufacturing method for recording contextual information is role-based, intuitive and pinpoints the actual root cause of production inefficiencies and issues across your plant. To help you get started with contextualizing data, Martin Cloake, CEO at Raven, and Mike Ungar, Executive Coach at FocalPoint, breakdown practical problem solving for manufacturers and how you can function with efficiency using Raven’s OEE software.

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