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The Missing Piece for OEE Optimization: Automated Contextualization

Webinars March 23, 2022
A third of capacity is lost each year to solvable inefficiencies, costing the manufacturing industry $650B. While manufacturers strive to measure and improve OEE, the fact is that 68% of manufacturers don’t trust their plant data — with key data points being lost as a result of manual processes for capturing downtime reasons. This missing data – or “context” – prevents manufacturers from driving productivity improvements, and by extension, millions of dollars in potential cost savings. Join this webinar panel led by Dr. Paul Turner, COO at Raven and former Vice President I4.0 Applications & Analytics at Stanley Black and Decker, for a deep dive into why understanding downtime reasons is critical for root cause analysis and driving OEE improvements in the plant, and how automated contextualization can solve this critical gap on the factory floor.

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