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How a 100 Year Old Factory Modernized Manufacturing Using People and Tech

For the past couple of years and climbing since The Great Lockdown, nearly 70 percent of all digital transformation programs in…

Marisha Sesto

IWD 2022: The Future of Manufacturing is Female

On International Women’s Day — and every day — we recognize and reflect on the STEM research and innovation of…

Marisha Sesto

Maxime Blouin Named Top 10 Under 40 by Manufacturing Automation

Our team is excited to share that Maxime Blouin, Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer at Raven, is named…

Marisha Sesto

How Investing in Shop Floor Management Builds Impactful Leaders

The role of a leader in shop floor management has become much more difficult over the last few years as…

Marisha Sesto

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