What is Raven?


Raven Sense™

Capture, combine, and clean process data from your machines and operator through data-driven product.

  • Live responsive and predictive pacing to meet production targets
  • Provide real time feedback and insights to operators
  • Support escalation and resource allocation
  • Automatically identify and categorize downtime
  • Obtain job information from your ERP
  • Highlight trends and anomalies in real-time
  • Support your teams in achieving their improvement goals

Raven Flight™

Present clear and timely guidance to trigger actions based on data insights
  • Real-time monitoring of major losses for production and changeovers
  • Live view of interrupted product flow
  • Visualize trends
  • Provide real time feedback and insights to supervisors and other support team member

Raven Interprets relevant data from multiple sources to support timely action, clear insights, and accurate data.


Directly Wired:



  • Deep connection to automation layer.
  • Compatible with complex data sources.
  • Continuous flow processes, modern production assets.


  • Best in-class method for utilization tracker of manual processes.
  • Rapidly deployed, effortless to interact with.
  • Monitor labour utilization and efficiency for manual processes.
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To guide action, you need a control systems approach. Only Raven closes the loop from data to action.

  • One source of accurate performance and loss data
  • Engage and empower your team to take timely, better informed actions
  • Easy to get started with monthly pay-as-you go pricing model
  • Verified performance improvements and ROI tracking
  • Developed and supported by Raven’s team of manufacturing, data science and technology experts

There’s no value in real-time data insights without action. To actually improve, behaviour change is needed.

  • Implementation focuses on engagement at all levels organizationally. Early ROI creates momentum and adoption.
  • Poor data quality plagues many digital initiatives, misdirecting improvement efforts and creating a distrust in data.



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Step-by-step approach to digital transformation makes it easier to drive early gains and create engagement

Phase 1: Describe

  • Respond in real-time to reduce losses
  • Focus on what’s important to reduce losses

Phase 2: Diagnose

  • Identify root cause and initiate a corrective action

Phase 3: Prescribe

  • Predict future outcomes
  • Proactively avoid unwanted outcomes

User-friendly features that will appeal to every member of your team.

Raven Flight

Touchscreen tablets

User-friendly touchscreen gathers data in real-time from your team.


Mobile App

Access live data on your mobile device, 24/7.


User-friendly tile view

Data in real-time that’s easy to read.

Raven Flight

Adjustable reports

Review work and calls by hour, shift, day, or month.

Smart Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement

Trend views

Find trends and issues through filtered historical data.


Performance & Loss

See visual breakdowns of performance & loss.


Instant Alerts

Get a real-time alert set for customized parameters.

Raven Sense

Instant call buttons

Manual alerts sent by operators keep communication flowing.

Gamification is The Future


Raven alerts can be sent to any smart device, so you’re always in the know.

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