Power Manufacturing Process Improvement with Raven.

Raven helps manufacturers account for all OEE losses with Automated Downtime Labelling to identify the exact causes of downtime, in real-time. 

Raven Sense and Raven Flight easily integrate with your systems to boost continuous improvement and ensure ROI.

Raven Hublet Operator Tagging Screens

A Comprehensive Improvement Platform

Capture accurate data to get the facts, and guide better actions for manufacturing process improvement

Raven Sense™

IOT/Edge Hardware

Raven Sense

Major Features

Operator Sense Tablet

  • Fully customizable downtime capture and live OEE.

Pacing Module

  • Real-time feedback on how production is performing relative to production targets.

Theory of Constrains Module

  • Quickly identify process upsets and dynamic bottlenecks to react proactively to ensure maximum throughput.

Raven Sense IoT/Edge hardware captures, data with its operator-first design, so you know how each second is spent.

Raven Flight™


Danaher adopts Continous Improvement

Major Features

Mobile Flight App

  • A dashboard to display production information and view live machine performance.

Analytics Engine

  • Converts all data for live dashboards, reports, and analytical tools.

Lot Tracking

  • Real-time visibility into production vs production targets.

Raven Flight Apps guide you through continuous manufacturing process improvement with real-time dashboards, reports, and alerts.

Raven's Success Stories

Manufacturing process improvement that delivers real results


Reduce Waiting Time

  • 1,500 hrs/mo downtime reduction
  • $1.8/yr revenue increase
  • 24x ROI delivered

Raven allowed operators to:

  • Capture waiting downtime
  • Trigger immediate support
  • Track progress over time
PCI Pharma Services

Meet Production Targets

  • $600k labor cost savings
  • $37M revenue increase
  • 14x ROI delivered

Raven showed managers:

  • Production performance
  • Predicted shortfalls
  • Triggered actions to keep up

Better Changeovers

  • $130k labor cost savings
  • 24% capacity increase
  • 11x ROI delivered

Raven helped operators:

  • Follow changeover procedures
  • Improve performance
  • Reduce micro-stops

Improve Changeover Efficiency

A Pharmaceutical Use Case for Continuous Improvement

Collect accurate Data

  • Raven Sense Tablets were installed and captured production signals from optical sensors and filler/packer PLCs. 
  • Operators labelled downtime and changeover time for context.
  • Raven Flight App enabled supervisor to support problem-solving.
Raven Get in Contact | The Continuous Improvement Platform for Industry 4.0

Receive Meaningful Guidance

  • Raven Flight App alerts triggered support immediately.
  • Raven Sight custom dashboards and reports highlighted opportunities to facilitate decision-making.
  • Lot tracking module provided predictive analysis.

Focus on What's Important

  • Supervisors and engineers leveraged Raven Flight real-time analytics to understand the reason for long changeovers.
  • Supervisors used Raven Flight App to engage operators in shop floor problem-solving.
  • Daily Raven Sight reports  highlighted performance anomalies to focus on what delivers ROI. | The Continuous Improvement Platform for Industry 4.0
Raven Demo

Report Improvements

  • Reduced Changeover time by 57%
  • Increased capacity by 25%
  • Eliminated Past-due backlog
  • Sustainable high service levels and improved quality.

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