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Forerunner Podcast Series: Transforming Data Analytics Into Actionable Results

As we enter the era of the Internet of Everything, the world is changing to data-driven decision making. However, as Martin discusses, this provides the opportunity to move beyond analytics and presentation of data into the world of actionable analytics results…

Intelligence Artificielle : Le Grand Saut

Avec le temps et les données accumulées, David’s Tea vois beaucoup d’améliorations qu’il n’aura pas soupçonnées…

AI Comes to the Shop Floor

Amid the hype, manufacturers are quietly using artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve specific problems in production, helping operators improve uptime, optimize production and more…

Ottawa AI firms MindBridge and Raven Telemetry Raise Multi-Million Dollar Rounds

Two Ottawa artificial intelligence firms announce separate funding rounds this week, raising a combined 14.5 million and elevating the capital’s AI profile…


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