Discrete Manufacturing Software

Uncover hidden losses and increase production capacity with real-time visibility into your discrete manufacturing processes, from start to finish.
No spreadsheets or whiteboards needed.

Boost engagement with a frontline-first design

Raven’s smart assistants empower operators to easily tag downtime reasons without being a disruption to their work. Raven only prompts questions when machines don’t have the answers. With the touch of a button, operators capture important human context often missed when using manual processes or other digital platforms. Collecting downtime reasons and operator input brings purpose to the frontline’s day-to-day and accelerates continuous improvement plant-wide.

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Raven.ai | The Continuous Improvement Platform for Industry 4.0

Reduce operator efforts by 10x with automated downtime labeling

Raven integrates with your machines and tech stack to automatically label downtime, meaning less time and effort from your frontline and operations teams. In just a few days, you can start identifying systemic and real-time inefficiencies across your lines to drive sustainable improvements across your discrete manufacturing plants.

Know where your discrete production losses are coming from in seconds

Raven combines data from machines and operator input in real-time to provide a clear overview of OEE and discrete production losses — with context for everything that’s happening on your lines, 100% of the time. Raven’s discrete manufacturing software creates an event timeline that includes contextualized time segments, allowing you to visualize how machines and people spend their time — down to the second.

Raven.ai | The Continuous Improvement Platform for Industry 4.0

With Raven’s discrete manufacturing software, we’re able to get real-time production data with callouts, and can react in seconds. That absolutely changed everything for us. Downtime decreased dramatically and outputs increased. People are our most important asset and have a very dynamic job on the shop floor. Raven really changed the relationship we had with our frontline operators.

Mike Gardner, Production Manager, DuraVent Group


Learn how DuraVent fully digitized downtime and production loss reporting by choosing Raven's OEE improvement software as their discrete manufacturing solution.

Unlock productivity improvements with contextualized shop floor data

Raven’s discrete manufacturing software solution enables your entire shop floor and tech stack to perform stronger by providing more meaningful, actionable data insights to your frontline and factory management teams — for increased efficiency, parts produced and wins.

Raven.ai | The Continuous Improvement Platform for Industry 4.0

Renaissance Lakewood reported record-setting production by accounting for 100% of production time.

Using Raven’s discrete manufacturing software, Renaissance gained real-time visibility into shop floor performance and data insights to initiate two-way discussions with operators and management. Renaissance transformed the way the shop floor worked by building trust and collaboration, and showing the frontline how valuable their insights were to drive engagement and productivity improvements.

Raven.ai | The Continuous Improvement Platform for Industry 4.0

Bottling and packaging company reduced downtime by 90% with real-time visibility into losses.

A Fortune 100 manufacturer identifies constraints and reduces downtime with Raven’s discrete manufacturing solution. Before moving to digital, they worked with an OEE system and manual processes that were inefficient, incompatible and missed key information. Now, their team automates downtime tracking and uncovers capacity in real-time. This has led to huge ROI, including reducing downtime from 80+ hours to under 8 hours.

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