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How a 100 Year Old Factory Modernized Manufacturing Using People and Tech

For the past couple of years and climbing since The Great Lockdown, nearly 70 percent of all digital transformation programs in…

Marisha Sesto

The Importance of Digitization for Medical Device Manufacturers

Medical technology today and the impact on medical device companies The power of surgical robots and the use of artificial…

Sonia Teodori

4 Ways to Improve OEE With Automation on the Shop Floor

In a recent Deloitte survey, 45% of manufacturing executives expected further increases in operational efficiency from their investments in industrial Internet of Things…

Carol Mitchell-Lin

Our End of Year Roundup: The Top 9 Smart Manufacturing Content of 2022

This has been an exciting year for Raven. After many virtual events due to pandemic lockdowns, this year saw the…

Carol Mitchell-Lin

Ask The Experts Series: How to Drive Proactive Shop Floor and OEE Improvements

Making OEE improvements on the shop floor through digital transformation remains top of mind for manufacturing decision makers. In a…

Carol Mitchell-Lin

How Investing in Shop Floor Management Builds Impactful Leaders

The role of a leader in shop floor management has become much more difficult over the last few years as…

Marisha Sesto

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