Practical Digital OEE Solutions for Manufacturers ​

Practical Digital OEE Solutions [Webinar]

Practical Digital OEE Solutions for Manufacturers [Webinar]On Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021, Raven delivered a webinar on How to: Practical Digital OEE Solutions for Manufacturers. Leaders and decision-makers in manufacturing joined us to learn about OEE solutions for manufacturers – with a practical approach to monitoring and accessing machine performance.

The webinar presented three areas:
– The importance of transparent and accurate OEE
– Common issues with traditional approaches to reporting OEE
– Creating value with technology that helps you know OEE in real-time

Manufacturers need facts, not data 

Research shows that 68% of manufacturers don’t trust their data enough to realize tangible and measurable value from it and 92% of data sets
analyzed had bad data negatively impacting the accuracy and utility of insights. (Source: Accenture and Google Research).  The resulting impacts of unreliable data are, low OEE, high labor cost, late delivery, and disengaged teams.

"If you're not measuring something accurately, you can't improve it".

Accurate OEE Data

A clear picture of machine OEE gives manufacturers a a clear vision of where they are and where they want to be. With accurate OEE data, they are enabled to set targets, by establishing a better connection between operators and engineers.

The Benefits of Knowing Your True OEE

Why knowing OEE is important

Knowing your current OEE and capacity

Operators can identify the real problems, so the real roots causes are visible to all levels of the organization.

Capacity is not always measured or known for output. Decisions are often made without the capacity numbers and production
plans are made with outdated capacity results.

Three Benefits of Knowing Current OEE

Benefits to having accurate OEE

Drive Value with Digital Automation

Raven Use Case
When every second of machine activity was accounted for, digitally, in real-time, all departments were motivated to improve. After categorizing the reasons for downtime, hidden losses were discovered by identifying various downtime bottlenecks.  As a result, the client identified organizational issues that required no capital to substantially improve OEE.

Raven defines the Gaps in OEE
– Identifies improvement levers
– Quantifies impact
– Guides design of improvement implementation strategies

Raven ensures importance of operation rapport to real-time data
– Operator categorize downtime to unify the organization
– Provide best context to solve problems
– Approach creates an environment for sustainable improvement




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