COVID-19: Raven Joins the Fight

COVID-19 On the Frontline

Even with existing hospital safety protocols, front-line healthcare workers are increasingly at risk of contracting COVID-19. Early figures show that 15% of infections are medical personnel. With real-time information about operating room activity, healthcare workers can wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and reduce the risk of infection.

Like Dr Mat Biskup said, hospital staff have limited visibility to assess the risk levels during their day. Technology is available, but we continue to use manual practices as alternative methods have not been made available.

Raven’s for Healthcare in action in Nova Scotia


A well-known Canadian hospital has recognized this opportunity and is deploying  improve real-time awareness of their operating rooms (ORs). With this improved awareness, OR staff can take the right steps to further mitigate risk.

Front-line healthcare workers are at a disproportionate risk of contracting COVID-19. Actions must be taken immediately to continue to protect healthcare workers as they fight COVID-19. Their heroic efforts save thousands of lives daily, but at significant personal risk.

With the Raven platform, health services workers entering the OR will be made aware of the risk level and the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) required to be worn.

Aerosolized virus particles pose a particular threat to OR staff and patients. Aerosolized and droplet particles are formed during many common operating room procedures; most notably during intubation, extubations, or any procedure involving manipulation of the airway.

To mitigate the risk of infection, OR staff need a clear and unambiguous system to help them easily follow workflow protocols established by the hospital. With increased awareness about the level of risk of infection in the OR, they can ensure that they wear the appropriate PPE prior to entering. Currently they rely on manual methods that, when followed correctly, may ensure minimal exposure, but can be time-consuming and prone to human error.

The Raven platform can be used to fulfill this urgent and immediate need to keep healthcare workers aware of OR risk levels. Even beyond the current pandemic, its application in hospitals can also provide ongoing safety and efficiency benefits.



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