Exceed your manufacturing goals with Raven.

Raven enables your manufacturing plant to achieve levels of performance never thought possible by interpreting data, uncovering insights and guiding your manufacturing team.

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Raven connects to your machine data and operators.


Raven’s AI engine interprets your data and uncovers insights.


Raven’s real-time guidance strengthens your manufacturing team’s capabilities.


Curated reports interpreting your data

Raven allocates a data scientist to your team to find out what is driving performance and what areas should be focused on to improve.

Data from plant workers and machine processes

Raven’s learning engine combines data from operators, machines and processes to create a model of your manufacturing plant that can identify anomalies requiring attention.

Interactive reports and social mechanics

Raven’s interactive reporting platform incorporates in-line commenting, sharing and other social mechanics to drive engagement from all levels of your organization.

"Raven is like adding a process engineer and data scientist without additional human costs."

– Dave Martin, Production Manager at Danaher

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