AI Meets Human Potential

Real-time analytics. Powerful insights. Transformational improvement in manufacturing.

Raven Sense

Easy installation with minimal downtime.


Rugged tablets connect to your existing systems:

Compatible with machine sensors, PLC, servers, MES, ERP, and OEE software

Collect downtime codes from operators

Raven fully supports integration with your systems


Raven Brain

Understand what drives your performance.


Interprets your data and uncovers insights:

Custom analysis from dedicated data scientist

Artificial intelligence learns your process from all of your data and sources

Full access allows you to explore all of your data


Raven Flight

Right info to the right person at the right time.


Real-time alerts and visualizations guide actions:

Intelligent andon system triggers escalation

Custom, gamified analysis for every member of your team drives improvement and engagement


“With Raven, our operation increased up-time to 92 per cent from 78 – saving hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.”  

 – Shannin Hudson, Plant Manager, Danaher 

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Raven connects to your machine data and operators.


Raven’s AI engine interprets your data and uncovers insights.


Raven’s real-time guidance strengthens your manufacturing team’s capabilities.


Curated reports interpreting your data

Raven allocates a data scientist to your team to find out what is driving performance and what areas should be focused on to improve.

Data from plant workers and machine processes

Raven’s learning engine combines data from operators, machines and processes to create a model of your manufacturing plant that can identify anomalies requiring attention.

Interactive reports and social mechanics

Raven’s interactive reporting platform incorporates in-line commenting, sharing and other social mechanics to drive engagement from all levels of your organization.

Get Raven for your Business!

Raven Brain™ unlocks the power of your data.

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