How to Accelerate Digital Transformation: Practical Problem Solving for Manufacturers

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The move towards Digital and Industrial 4.0 Manufacturing

Leading manufacturers are accelerating their digital transformation efforts to improve performance, stay competitive and make their mark in the smart manufacturing ecosystem.  Today, those who are capturing machine and sensor data gain some understanding of their plant’s efficiency. But there’s so much more useful,  meaningful information to look at using this data. To tap into the details, context is key.

The transformative, smart manufacturing method for recording contextual information is role-based, intuitive and pinpoints the actual root cause of production inefficiencies and issues across your plant.

To help you get started with contextualizing data, Martin Cloake of Raven.ai and Mike Ungar of FocalPoint breakdown practical problem solving for manufacturers and how you can function with efficiency using Raven’s Contextual Time platform. 

In this webinar, learn how to:
– Make your mark in the smart manufacturing ecosystem with a digital transformation strategy
– Add contextual information to your existing machine and operator data
– Increase efficiency and engage employees with practical problem solving
– And more

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Thought Leaders

Martin Cloake

CEO, Raven.ai

Headshot of Martin Cloake, CEO of Raven.ai

Martin builds problem-solving technologies from the ground up. After working in numerous roles in manufacturing, Martin realized that technology was evolving in a way that prioritized data over people; reporting over improvement. In 2013, he founded Raven to help manufacturers sustainably improve by augmenting human capability using the best of modern technology and proven lean principles. 

Martin brings his relentless resourcefulness and extensive experience as an engineer, executive, and serial entrepreneur to his role as CEO of Raven. He sets the company’s strategy and leads Raven’s high-calibre team. Martin holds a degree in mechanical engineering and business from McGill University.

Mike Ungar

Executive Coach, Focal Point

Headshot of Mike Ungar from Focal Point Coaching

Mike is a certified FocalPoint Business Performance Coach, Executive Coach & Trainer with almost 40 years of experience coaching, leading, and training teams. Mike partners with his clients to improve all areas of business to maximize bottom-line results. Mike’s passion for coaching led him to become a FocalPoint Business Performance coach after spending 35 years at Michelin and almost 5 years as an Army Infantry Officer.


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