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How Portland Forge Modernized Their Factories Using The Power Of People And Technology

Raven’s President and COO, and VP of Operations sit down with Portland Forge’s VP of Operations to discuss real-life examples of how manufacturers have prioritized multi-plant digitization to boost productivity and morale in their organization. They discuss how both people-focused leadership and technology can empower teams to take ownership of their targets and drive shop floor improvements.

How DuraVent Transitioned from Reactive to Proactive Shop Floor Improvements

In this expert panel, Raven’s COO and VP of Operations sit down with DuraVent’s Production Manager to share best practices and examples of how manufacturers have made the transition from manual processes to technology. They’ll discuss how technology has empowered operators to take ownership of improvements on their lines and enabled teams to collect accurate, actionable data.

How Renaissance Built a Frontline-First Approach to Continuous Improvement

Martin Cloake, CEO at Raven, sits down with Justin Brennan, Director of Operational Excellence at Renaissance, to walkthrough Renaissance’s journey towards developing a continuous improvement strategy. They discuss the challenges of building the strategy and how adopting a digital solution has transformed the frontline’s mindset.

How to Successfully Scale Your Industrial IoT Initiatives with AI

In this IIoT World panel, including Raven President and COO Dr. Paul Turner  learn how to align business, organization and technology to capture value at scale, and understand how AI can use operator input and machine data for automated contextualization of downtime and losses.

The Missing Piece for OEE Optimization: Automated Contextualization

Watch this panel led by Dr. Paul Turner, COO at Raven and former VP I4.0 Applications & Analytics at Stanley Black and Decker, for a deep dive into why understanding downtime reasons is critical for root cause analysis and driving OEE improvements in the plant, and how automated contextualization can solve this gap on the factory floor.

How To Accelerate Digital Transformation In Manufacturing

Manufacturers capturing machine data gain some understanding of their plant’s efficiency. But there’s much more useful, meaningful information to look at. To tap into the details, context is key. In this session, Martin Cloake, CEO at Raven, and Mike Ungar, Executive Coach at FocalPoint help you get started with contextualizing data.

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