A fundamental shift in how manufacturers
use data is taking place.

52% of Fortune 500 companies have disappeared in the last 15 years.

Ignoring data is no longer an option.

Raven Brain™ is your transition to Smart Manufacturing

Simple Hardware connects to your data

Raven Sense™ connects to your machines, processes and operators collecting critical performance data like uptime, downtime, production rate, yield and much more.

Artificial Intelligence helps you understand your performance

Raven Brain™ uses machine learning to learn from all of your data and processes helping you truly understand what drives your performance. Custom analysis from a dedicated team of data scientists, along with proprietary technology, partners with you to drive transformational improvement. 

Real-Time Performance Management

Raven Flight™ ensures that the right person gets the right information at the right time. Real-time event escalation and opportunity detection with Raven’s mobile app gives your leaders the information they need to enable their teams to perform at the highest level.

“Raven is like having a production supervisor, process engineer and data scientist for each of my operators and supervisors.”

– Dave Martin, Production Manager, Danaher

Curated reports interpreting your data

Raven allocates a data scientist to your team to find out what is driving performance and what areas should be focused on to improve.

Data from plant workers and machine processes

Raven’s learning engine combines data from operators, machines and processes to create a model of your manufacturing plant that can identify anomalies requiring attention.

Interactive reports and social mechanics

Raven’s interactive reporting platform incorporates in-line commenting, sharing and other social mechanics to drive engagement from all levels of your organization.

Real-time performance management

What gets measured gets managed. Exposing performance metrics on the shop floor through Raven’s interactive mobile hardware motivates teams to perform, creates awareness of challenges and successes and encourages fact-based conversations about performance.

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