How to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Practical Problem Solving

Last week, Raven delivered a webinar on How to: Accelerate Digital Transformation, Practical Problem Solving for Manufacturers. Leaders and decision-makers in manufacturing joined us to discover how Raven can accelerate their digitization journey  by enabling a practical approach to problem solving with Contextual Time.

This webinar, hosted by Raven CEO, Martin Cloake and Executive Coach, Mike Ungar, provides practical insight to Accelerate Digital Transformation on the following topics : 

  1. Today’s manufacturing challenges
  2. Why Manufacturers must accelerate their Digital Transformation
  3. The importance of data quality in manufacturing
  4. Achieving return on effort with Contextual Time for manufacturers
  5. Understanding Contextual Time for manufacturing efficiency

"It all starts with the timeline, with the fact that we need to understand what's happening now, and we need to understand what's happened in the past and that data needs to be complete and accurate".

Solve Your Most Important Problems with Contextual Time

Contextual Time provides manufacturers with reliable, actionable data that empowers them to make confident decisions about where to  invest their resources to solve the root cause of downtime and production delays. Here are some use cases where Manufacturers can solve their most important problems with Raven:

  • Downtime during periods of repair can be avoided by preventing machine failure with big data and AI solutions
  • Mobile Apps that send alerts to improve response time
  • Monitor and analyze machine performance to identify micro-stops
  • Make training easier with augmented reality to decrease set-up time
  • Manage operator staffing shortages with autonomous robots


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