Improve visibility into OEE data with OEE monitoring software

Raven’s OEE monitoring software helps operators empower the frontline and improve visibility into overall equipment effectiveness data by replacing whiteboards and spreadsheets with an automated approach to tracking and monitoring downtime.

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Continuously improve overall
equipment effectiveness | The Continuous Improvement Platform for Industry 4.0

Speed up your processes with automation

With an intuitive, visual interface, Raven’s intelligent manufacturing solution replaces whiteboards and spreadsheets. Smart devices on your lines help operators tag the exact reason for downtime and inefficiencies with the touch of a button.

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Get a contextual round-the-clock overview of losses

Raven’s Automated Contextualization Technology (ACT) uses artificial intelligence to combine and analyze data from machines and operators to provide a meaningful timeline of events — accounting for 100% of production time and overall equipment effectiveness losses. | The Continuous Improvement Platform for Industry 4.0

Take action to resolve production issues in real-time

Raven’s digital dashboards and trend reports display performance and highlight which actions to take to improve overall equipment effectiveness, eliminate bottlenecks and drive process improvements.

Raven’s OEE monitoring software gives your team a bird’s eye view of machine performance

With a people-first design and an expert support team on-hand, Raven easily integrates with the systems and processes that you know to implement quickly and gain a faster time-to-value than other OEE systems. Our overall equipment effectiveness software gives supervisors a live overview of their production lines, allowing them to take smarter actions to produce efficiently — backed by real-time machine data.

“The overall hardware and software experience has been fantastic. We have insight on OEE that were previously mysteries, and we can easily find out if any of our lines are running at the tap of a phone. On the people side, it’s even better. The Raven team is highly energized and truly make us feel like they care.”

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