Boost continuous improvement by increasing your OEE

Raven, an OEE monitoring software, collects and interprets your production and overall equipment effectiveness data from across your plant to account for every second of production time.

Using data from machines and operators, Raven gives your team a clear, contextual overview of overall equipment effectiveness losses and guidance on improvements in real-time. 

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Know the Exact Cause of OEE Losses

With an operator-first design and an expert support team on-hand, Raven easily integrates with the systems and processes that you already know to get started quickly. By knowing the exact causes of downtime and overall equipment effectiveness losses in real-time, your team can accelerate communication to: 

  • Improve changeover performance
  • Reduce micro-stops and waiting time
  • Understand real-time production versus target
  • Increase team engagement and focus
  • Celebrate wins together

The overall hardware and software experience has been fantastic. We have insight on OEE that were previously mysteries, and we can easily find out if any of our lines are running at the tap of a phone. On the people side, it’s even better. The Raven team is highly energized and truly make us feel like they care.

Elevate your production potential

Improve your bottom line with Raven’s OEE software.

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