Five Smart Ways to Reduce Factory Downtime

Reduce Factory Downtime


Factory downtime is a major contributor to losses in manufacturing. When equipment is not functioning, there is no production and no income. Design manufacturer, S. Himmelstein & Co. reported that, approximately 37 percent of businesses said that they were hit with a setback in the production cycle of a critical asset because of downtime*. Setbacks from unexpected downtime in production have a cascade effect on business with far reaching effects. For example, costly repairs caused by unscheduled maintenance is often responsible for missed targets that strain the customer relationship and damage reputations. | The Continuous Improvement Platform for Industry 4.0

Five Smart Ways to Reduce Factory Downtime

1. Identify and prioritize critical processes.

2. Ask the right questions about downtime/uptime, collect data, and visualize the answers.

3. Implement a total productive maintenance program that engages all employees.

4. Make smart decisions on upgrading equipment.

5. Build a company culture that embraces best practice improvement.
**refer below

"Data insights are only useful if you have action".

–Martin Cloake, CEO, Raven.AI

Manufacturing Downtime Solution with AI

During a fireside chat on, “How A.I. Will Change The SaaS Landscape”, Martin Cloake, CEO, talked about factory downtime. Based on Raven’s customer feedback, he observes the three main reasons for downtime as: setup time, waiting time, and unplanned maintenance. The goal for manufacturers is to reduce downtime by discovering opportunities within the data.

When you have the why, then simple instruction can be provided to make improvements. For example, one employee hack was discovered by set-up time analysis. This insight created an opportunity to create a safe and modified version of the set-up where each employee could adopt. The result was a shared benefit to operators and business bottom line.  

Leadership commitment to reducing factory downtime is the first step to an overall team effort. By consolidating data sources, opportunities will arise that include operators in the solution. Discover Raven Flight and Raven Sense as a solution to reduce downtime using AI. 





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