Reduce Unwanted Downtime

Increase Production Output

To implement continuous improvement, leaders need to know the exact cause of OEE losses. 

Complete downtime information from Raven makes critical decision-making, to reduce downtime, possible.


Raven for Continuous Improvement

Clear Data, Clearer Action Plans

Eliminate lost time by understanding the root cause of production losses.

Raven makes it easy to capture data from your machines, ERP/MES, and most importantly, your operators.

Designed to optimize operator interaction, Raven captures complete and accurate data with a 100% account of production time.
Continuous Improvement Cycle - Capture, Describe, Inform, Improve

Reduce Waiting Time

Raven eliminated 600 of lost machine hour per month for a medical component manufacturer, increasing top-line revenue by $2.4M/year.

  • Captured time caused by “waiting for maintenance”
  • Created alerts to reduce waiting time.
  • Generated custom reports to demonstrate  the impact on team efforts.

Reduce Setup Variation

Raven increased OEE from 78% to 91% by reducing setup variation for fabricated metal manufacturer.
  • Captured setup and SKU information for all machine/operator combinations.
  • Identified operator with best practice.
  • Shared best practice  of their colleague to all operators for widespread adoption.

Improve Resource Planning

Raven helped a High-mix, low- volume machine shop understand the cost of labor shortages.
  • Captured time lost due to labor shortages.
  • Created financial conversion model to quantify impact.
  • Supported business case for hiring a third shift.

Identify the Sources of All OEE Losses | The Continuous Improvement Platform for Industry 4.0

Raven Sense Operator Assistant

  • Raven Sense Tablets for operator downtime labelling.
  • Captures machine performance data.
  • Allows easy, real-time feedback.

Raven Flight Supervisor Assistant

  • Raven Flight App displays production information.
  • Review performance reports with Supervisor Tablet.
  • Build custom dashboards. | The Continuous Improvement Platform for Industry 4.0

Raven Flight Engineer Assistant

  • Understand performance trends. 
  • Select improvement  projects that will have the greatest  impact.
  • Visualize the impact of investments.

Raven Reduced Unplanned Downtime with Significant Improvement in OEE.

Raven Sight highlighted an opportunity to reduce waiting time with operator input by tracking progress. 

  • 1,500 hrs/mo downtime reduction
  • $1.8M/yr revenue increase
  • 24x ROI delivered

Engage the Entire Team

By Focusing on What’s Most Important

2D Vector Graphic of Operator


  • Highlight issues
  • Identify opportunities
  • Know what’s required to meet expectations
2D Vector Graphic of Plant Supervisor


  • Respond to issues quickly
  • See the impact of your efforts
  • Know what’s happening on the shop floor
2D Vector Graphic of Engineer


  • Explore and analyze data
  • Uncover new opportunities
  • See the impact of your efforts
2D Vector Graphic of Plant Manager

Plant Manager

  • Back up decisions with data
  • Understand opportunity levers
  • Understand the ROI of your efforts

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