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In Industry 4.0, the data tells us what to do. In short, we use cutting-edge technologies to inform our manufacturing decisions.

Raven guides actions to improve manufacturing performance with ruggedized tablets powered by AI-based cloud analytics.

Raven sifts through your plant’s data and finds inefficiencies within your machine pipeline. We create value by creating and acting on tangible, achievable goals to meet your production uptime.

A typical implementation is a mixture of all three of our platforms. From directly wired to IoT, the Raven ecosystem works together to clean, analyze, and digest your plant’s data.

We offer subscription-based pricing that is tailored to your manufacturing needs.

While we can’t promise an exact timeline, we typically see extensive ROI within 3-6 months after implementation.

Raven focuses on a people-first approach. We care about everyone in the manufacturing pipeline from operators to senior management. Our platform is tailored to all manufacturers, so no one is left out.

As soon as possible. Book a Demo, and we will gladly describe how Raven can benefit your organization.

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