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Raven helps top manufacturers unlock their digital strategy and  improve operating performance with Contextual Time.

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What is Contextual Time?

Contextual Time delivers the right data insight to the right person at the right time to  improve performance and save money. | The Continuous Improvement Platform for Industry 4.0


To improve  profitability and the day-to-day work of millions of front line workers everywhere.


SaaS AI/Edge-powered Digital Operations Management solution.


Efficiently obtain input from the front line and compile a meaningful, contextualized timeline in real-time using proprietary intelligent automation.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Our mission is to accelerate manufacturer’s successful digital transformation and help them improve when their performance is hampered by poor data quality and engagement. 

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Contextual Time Platform

Raven’s Contextual Time Platform integrates with your existing tools, provides meaningful context to your data and engages your front line staff.

Logical Flow Chart

Unified Information Hub

A unified source of truth for contextualized real-time and historic production data.

An open architecture platform deployed in the format best suited to the customer: 

  • As the main data hub for 3rd party applications 
  • As part of a larger enterprise data hub
  • Integrated with existing data hub

Automated Contextual Time

Interprets and cleans data from multiple sources including downtime context from Operators and Supervisors

Automatically categorizes all time and the root cause of losses.

Curates a complete, accurate and meaningful productivity timeline.  

Reduces burden on the front line while improving data accuracy and usefulness. 

Smart Assistants

Smart Assistant tools are individually tailored for each member of the production team to provide real-time awareness of performance.
Two operators interacting with an MES/ERP Solution
Timeline of an example operation cycle

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